How Much Privacy Are Internet and Computer Users Really Afforded?

What’s that famous line in all the spy movies where the CIA agent reminds another character as events occur and conflicts arise; “Trust No One!” Well, my friends judging by how social networking is shaping up, I’d say the Internet is also on that list. Why you ask? Because there are people, humans, and you know, there are folks everywhere behind the scenes making it work and deciding which way it has to evolve. There is a lot of money and value in information and big data, it is big business – it means power and control of over every individual, country, and yes, even the world – seriously. Okay, let’s discuss this one shall we?

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in a Wall Street Journal article on March 27, 2012 titled; “Regulators Urge Web Privacy Rules” by Julia Angwin; “Simply put, your computer is your property. No one has the right to put anything on [your computer] that you don’t want.”

Okay thanks for that clarification, but please answer another question for me if you will; if the advertisers and marketers cannot track you, does that mean that only the government can?

Now then, you might say to me, “Lance, give it a rest and stop listening to Conspiracy Theory Talk Shows like Coast-to-Coast AM every night,” and yes, I get that debating point, truly I do, still, just because the American People aren’t paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t looking at everything you are doing. It’s almost as if Big Data and Big Brother are working together to replace the “Spirit in The Sky” when you die or so Norman Greenbaum says.

Next, in case you aren’t on the EFF Electronic Freedom Foundation email list, why not read this article posted on March 30, 2012 in the New York Times titled; “Conflict Over How Open ‘Do Not Track’ Talks Will Be,” by Edward Wyatt and Tanzina Vega which stated; “Technology companies want to talk with the government about protecting privacy on the Internet. They just want those talks to be private.”

Fine, more private government meetings, this after President Obama allots some $200 million in his budget for “Big Data” and more government “clouds” and data centers, along with the proverbial national security issues and anti-cyber warfare campaign. So, it’s readily obvious to me, and realize I am on the side of the “good guys” but it is still obvious to me that we are going to track everyone, and keep all the data in a giant data center storage in Utah somewhere from the reports I’ve been reading, no not on Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast Website.

Personally, I’ve been observing humans in their natural habitat some four and a half centuries, and seriously, I’m not sure if I can trust one of them, well, except myself. And when it comes to groups of humans involved in making money, politics, Machiavellian rule, or crony capitalism – hmm? Doubtful. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.