Internet and Computer Security Should Be a Part of Every Home Security Solution

These days it seems as if you can either find a security expert or a computer security expert, but seldom both. The security expert is knowledgeable about physical security systems, alarm systems, and camera systems but knows little about networks, computer viruses, or internet attacks. The reverse is also true, as most internet security people do not know a thing about physical security. To me, security is security and protecting my property, whether it be stored in my living room or on my computer, is very important. Why then, do we all tend to separate physical security and computer security instead of considering both together?

Protecting your computers and the information stored on them is critically important. It is often difficult or impossible to retrieve data that has been destroyed by a virus, and doing so can be very expensive. The good news is that we can easily protect our computers from internet bad guys without spending a fortune.

We hear about “network security” all of the time. In theory, a bad guy can access your wireless router and then proceed to steal your files or trash your computer system. This is true, but only if you share files across a network – which most people don’t need to do! If you are not sharing files or programs a bad guy can play around with your router all night and not be able to do much damage, aside from changing the settings on your router. Here is the simplest solution – when you buy a router go in to the settings, give it a name, and set a WEP or WPA password. It is really just that easy! If they cannot get your router they cannot get your computers!

Attacks that come from the internet in the form of viruses or malware are not particularly aimed at your computer specifically. They are designed to do various things, none of them good, using your computer. These too are easy to defeat with little energy or money. With so many programs and so much software available designed to protect your computer from viruses and malware, how do you know which one’s really work and which one’s are a waste of money? You don’t have to buy the most expensive name brand software in order to be protected. You would be surprised what I have found really works – and what does not.